• Professional teeth cleaning

    Professional cleaning of the teeth is a major part of dental therapy.

    Mechanical cleaning of the teeth can remove significantly more plaque than is removed by normal daily brushing. Plaque builds up on everyones teeth within one or two days (so-called biofilm). This collection of billions of bacteria promotes the formation of cavities and infections of the gums (gingivitis) and bones (periodontitis).  Many patients do not properly clean their teeth, which means these bacteria are not removed. Professional teeth cleaning removes all visible and hidden accumulations of plaque from the teeth and gums. Finally, the teeth are polished, which inhibits further bacterial growth for as long as possible. Each patient then receives individual advice on how best to care for their teeth.

    Cavities and periodontitis are prevented!

  • Bleaching

    Bleaching – for a gleaming white smile.

    Bleaching is a method by which the teeth are cosmetically brightened for aesthetic reasons. Teeth can be discolored by alcoholic drinks, tea, tobacco, coffee, red wine, fruit juice, etc. These substances can penetrate the teeth and in the case of dental trauma or cavities, can enter the teeth, damaging the dental pulp.  Before bleaching, the dentist checks the condition of the teeth and gums. Before bleaching, a full professional clean is necessary for the bleach to be most effective.

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