Orthodontistry is a specialist area of dentistry that deals with the repositioning of teeth and the influence of growth on the facial bones.

The correction of a malocclusion is important to prevent consequential damage, including early wear and tear of the periodontium or the mandibular joint. Additionally, good positioning of the teeth and a nice smile both have a positive impact on private and professional success.
There are various types of therapy and the right choice depends on different factors, including malpositioning of the teeth, misalignment of the jaw, age and personal requirements. The best orthodontic bracket for each individual patient is decided after a personal discussion and a specific course of treatment is planned. We offer orthodontics to both children and adults, ranging from detachable and fixed appliances, to treatment with highly aesthetic ceramic brackets and almost invisible wires.


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  • Removable orthodontic devices

    These are predominantly used in children of 8–12 years of age (younger in the case of some misalignments) to gently direct growth of the mandibles into their optimal positions. The correct positioning and size of the upper and lower jaws provides an ideal basis for correct teething and an aesthetically pleasing profile. In most cases, treatment with a removable apparatus precedes treatment with a stable orthodontic bracket. Used from a young age, this treatment can balance out jaw misalignments and malocclusions and any impact these may have on the developing muscles while the teeth are growing. Therapy with a fixed bracket is usually only necessary for a short time, to provide the finishing touches to the teeth.

  • Fixed braces

    Fixed braces offer the biggest advantage by keeping the teeth in exactly the right position. Once the growth of the permanent teeth is largely completed (this can be earlier in exceptional cases), then fixed braces can be used at any age. Fixed devices consist of brackets, which are fixed to the teeth by a special adhesive. Those that use brackets and wires provide exactly the right ‘orthodontic’ correction of the misalignment by means of highly elastic archwires. If necessary, auxiliary elements that the patients can apply themselves, such as elastic bands and springs, can be used during the course of the treatment.

  • Orthodontic mini screws

    Orthodontic mini screws or TADs (temporary anchorage devices) permit comfortable, controlled, tooth movement. In a short procedure under local anesthetic, these small screws are placed in the necessary positions within the jaw to secure specific teeth or groups of teeth, thereby making misalignments easier to remedy. The patient is spared uncomfortable and disruptive palatal wiring, lingual wiring or headgear. Markedly tilted teeth in the lateral jaw can also be straightened using mini screws without any extensive orthodontic intervention. This makes further treatment with prosthetics, such as bridges or implants, possible. Mini screws are therefore a useful supplement to orthodontic treatment and can be tailored to each individual dental malocclusion.

  • Transparent braces (splint therapy)

    Transparent plastic splints reposition the teeth by degrees into their correct form, helping the patient to achieve the perfect smile. They are removable, discreet and effective; the perfect solution to dental correction in adulthood. This innovative method makes dental correction possible almost without any visible signs of treatment being conducted. While wearing the transparent splints, the teeth are gently repositioned to the correct position, without any sensation of pain.

  • Invisible braces (lingual technique)

    Invisible braces are suitable for adolescents and adults. Brackets are fixed to the back of the teeth and therefore remain invisible. The advantages of this treatment are:

    • There is no need to make a dental impression in our practice, as we have a modern intraoral scanner at our disposal.
    • Thanks to modern, digital design, the results can be accurately predicted.
    • Even difficult malocclusions can be corrected by invisible braces.
    • Our brackets are ultra-thin and comfortable.
    • Patients susceptible to allergies can be treated with hypoallergenic gold brackets.
  • Combined fixed and removable treatment

    Misalignments are usually combinations of malpositioned teeth (e.g. lack of space, strongly rotated teeth, displacement of individual teeth) and malpositioning of the jaw (e.g. layered front teeth because of retraction of the lower jaw); therefore a combination of removable and fixed corrective therapy is often required.
    Our goal is to find the optimal therapy for every individual case after a general diagnosis and treatment plan.  This is achieved by means of jaw models, X-ray images and photos of the mouth. All results are discussed with the patients or their parents.

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