The concept of “new teeth in 24 hours” is defined as the manufacture and implantation of securely-placed, highly aesthetic replacement teeth.

This treatment is suitable for patients who have already lost all their teeth, or are about to lose the last of their teeth and do not want to accept the disadvantages of conventional dentures. As a general rule, 4–6 implants are implanted in the upper jaw and 4 implants in the lower jaw. A pre-requisite for the success of this concept is a well-coordinated team of maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist as well as detailed planning prior to the operation. Modelling using 3 D X-ray images prior to the operation helps us to analyze the bone situation, bite position and aesthetics. In the course of the preparation, the individual wishes of the patients regarding the shape and positioning of the teeth can be taken into consideration. On the day of the operation the implants are put into place and the impression is taken. The dental technician then immediately begins to prepare the replacement teeth.  Using our specialist procedure, a complete and stably placed bridge can be produced within 24–48 hours. This consists of a metal base, containing high-performance composite and highly aesthetic teeth.

Replacement teeth manufactured in this way exhibit exceptional material properties:

The new full bridge can be made extremely thin. The teeth are not thicker than the patient’s own natural teeth and do not restrict the space for the tongue. The metal framework and the high-performance composite base guarantee high stability and fracture strength. At the same time, the bridge is flexible enough to allow micro movements of the jaw bones or high chewing loads (as opposed to full ceramic restorations). The teeth are individually matched to the face and smile of the patient, which means they look the same as the natural teeth. The implant supported full bridge is expandable and easy to repair. After 6 months, they are re-aligned to compensate for any decline in the gums. After the integration of the replacement teeth into the implant, complete burden must not be placed on the bridge for the first 3–6 months. We will provide all necessary information after the operation. The treatment can be performed under local anesthetic without great operative effort and most patients experience little or no pain after the procedure. The reported gain in life quality is substantial.







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