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In our practice we use state-of-the-art X-ray technology

  • Digital volumetric tomography — 3 D radiology —allows us to produce three dimensional pictures of the whole jaw with a very low exposure to radiation.
  • Thus, we are able to exactly diagnose the anatomical condition of the teeth and jaw bones
  • 3 D pictures are used if insufficient information is obtained from the normal X-ray
  • The main field of application is in implant design.
  • In combination with the 3 D intraoral scanner, the implants can be designed to the exact millimeter during the preliminary stages of planning.
  • This means that once the implant is fitted, only very minimal or no adjustments are required.
  • With this cutting-edge digital dentistry technology, we can guarantee the highest possible planning security during implant treatment.
  • Another use for 3 D radiology is in the preparation of orthodontic treatments.
  • The position of the teeth in the jaw can be exactly determined (e.g. translocated canines, agenesis), therefore one can assess whether a tooth will come
  • through alone or whether operative exposure is required.
  • During root canal treatment, 3 D radiology can provide information about hidden root canals or infections.
  • In the case of translocated wisdom teeth, 3 D radiology can preliminarily assess whether the teeth have displaced to sensitive neighboring structures (maxillary sinus, intraalveolar nerve) and the operation can be planned accordingly.

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