A crown is a tooth restoration manufactured either in a dentistry lab or with the CERamic REConstruction System.

It surrounds the tooth stump as a protective sheath and replaces the function and form of the lost tooth. A crown is manufactured if the tooth defect is too large to be repaired by a conventional filling. Crowns can also be used to re-construct root-treated teeth and prevent them from breaking in two.

Crowns can be manufactured from different materials:
In the past, most crowns were made from gold alloys (gold crown)
Today, crowns are mainly manufactured using ceramics. Which material is selected to make the crown depends on the state of the remaining teeth and a careful analysis of any other functional or aesthetical considerations.
Crown are very durable, therefore allow the patient to keep their own teeth for as long as possible.




A bridge is a fixed tooth replacement that is anchored to an implant or to the patient’s own teeth.

Classical bridges crown the teeth to cover gaps. The replaced tooth is firmly connected to both crowns. It is also possible to replace more than one tooth with a bridge. The prerequisite for a successful bridge treatment is good stability of the abutment teeth. Bridges are fitted in patients who want stable tooth replacement, or if a replacement tooth cannot be implanted for medical reasons.
Like crowns, bridges can be manufactured from different materials. Again, we decide this based on a preliminary analysis of the situation and a general discussion of the planned treatment.

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